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Webinars & Workshops

AgSafe Alberta has a variety of webinars and workshops to help make your farm or ranch a safer place to live and work. To register for these webinars or workshops, sign up for a membership today at our AgSafe Alberta SEED website.

Growing Farm Safety Webinar Series

This webinar series finds important safety concerns for your farm or ranch and brings in an expert on the topic to help you learn how to manage these concerns.


In The Know (4 hours)

AgSafe Alberta proudly presents ‘In the Know’, a virtual mental health literacy course. ‘In the Know’ is designed to help you learn about mental health and illness, promote wellbeing in your life, how to recognize when someone is struggling, and how to respond. Click here to sign up for a virtual or in-person workshop near you.

Visit the ‘In The Know’ Website


Alberta FarmSafe Plan 

AgSafe Alberta delivers the Alberta Farm Safe plan training to help farms and ranches with developing their safety management system.  This course is offered online. 

You can find our online offering at AgSafe Alberta SEED (Safety Education and Employee Development) and contact us to bring an in-person workshop to your area.

AgSafe Alberta SEED Website

WHMIS 2015, Pesticide, Veterinary Drug and Medicated Feed Awareness Course

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, also known as WHMS 2015, creates standards for the classification, label requirements, and safety data sheet format for products that fall under the Hazardous Products Act and Regulation in Canada. This course has been developed to familiarize farm workers, employers, and family members with these standards, help them learn where to find more information, and gain an understanding of how to use these products safely.

Farms can use many different types of hazardous products, however, it is important to know that just because a product is hazardous it is not necessarily covered under WHMIS or the Hazardous Products Act and Regulation. Common examples of such products include pesticides and veterinary drugs. For this reason, after you have completed the WHMIS 2015 Awareness Course you will have the to option to continue on and take the Pesticide Awareness Course and the Veterinary Drug and Medicated Feed Product Awareness Course at no additional cost.

Note: This e-course will help you fulfill the legislated requirements for general WHMIS training. It is important that you also receive training specific to the products and procedures at your farm or work-site from your employer.

Respiratory Protective Equipment Awareness – COMING SOON

Farming is filled with respiratory hazards.  Common examples include pesticide vapors and mists, crop and feed dusts, mold spores, and even toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide from manure pits or nitrogen dioxide from fermenting silage.  Respirators can help prevent respiratory and other related ailments, but only if worn and used correctly.  This course will help participants recognize respiratory hazards in their work environment, introduce them to different types of respirators, their function and limitations, as well as other critical elements relating to their use and care.  Click here to bring an in-person workshop to your area.

Restricted and Confined Space Awareness – COMING SOON

Do you know the difference between a restricted and a confined space?  Did you know that restricted space can become a deadly confined space, and without the right measures in place, you might not even realize it until it’s too late?  Restricted and confined spaces are common on farms and ranches but frequently go unrecognized until something goes wrong.  This course is designed to help you identify these spaces and the things that can be done to keep people safe.  This course is an awareness level only and will not provide participants with certification for entry into confined spaces.

Incident Assistance