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March 2024

It Happened To Many of Us FARMERS CARE About Safety! What is Canadian Agricultural Safety Week? The Relationship Between Safety & Sustainability View Newsletter

February 2024

It Happened To One of Us FARMERS CARE $100 Cabela’s Gift Card Winners When a Vehicle is a Worksite Employers Have Until Feb. 29 to File WCB-Alberta Annual Returns View Newsletter

January 2024

It Happened To One of Us Do You Need a Gas Monitor? The Hazards of Lithium Batteries View Newsletter

December 2023

It Happened To One of Us Remember to Check Your Furnace Filters Working in Cold Weather Winter Travel Basics View Newsletter

November 2023

An Interview With One of Us Take Your Farm’s Safety to the Next Level with FARMERS CARE Level 3 Hi-Visibility Versus Retro-Reflective: Which One Do You Need? Safe Storage & Handling of Agricultural Medicines View Newsletter

October 2023

It Happened to One Of Us Don’t Work Yourself to the Bone This Harvest Why Caffeine Is Not a Good Fix For Fatigue Are You Risk Blind? Do You Have Fire Safe Zones Around Your Farm? View Newsletter

September 2023

It Happened to One Of Us Overhead Powerline Contact Risks During Harvest Keep Human Safety A Priority During The Fall Run Calm Cattle = Safe Crew You Might Know What You Are Doing, But Is What You Are Doing Safe? View Newsletter

August 2023

It Happened to One Of Us Creating Safe Play Areas Keeping Our Kids Safe on the Farm Important Factors to Consider When Working Alone Wildfire Smoke Resources What is a Toolbox Talk? View Newsletter

July 2023

It Happened to One Of Us Young Worker Considerations Young Worker Injury Statistics Transporting Someone To Hospital: Do You Have A Plan In Place & Ready To Act On? ATV Safety This Summer Children & Youth on ATVs Do More Ag Has Launched AgTalk! View Newsletter

June 2023

It Happened to One Of Us Fatigue is a State of Impairment Spray Safe, Stay Safe Who is at Risk Working in Hot Temperatures? Balancing an Employee’s Right to Privacy While Protecting Their Health & Safety Needs Do You Know What To Do If You Are Stuck Outside in Lightning? Runovers Continue to be a Leading Cause of Death on Canadian Farms View Newsletter

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